Milo’s Monster School Vlog: Season 1


Welcome to my Monster School Vlog where I tell you all the neat stuff I learned in monster school! I started my vlog on the first day of school because I learned so many AWESOME, AMAZING, SILLY things and I wanted the whole WORLD to know about them! I draw, and dance, and do little plays with my toys. I even sing! I’m a super singer! (My momster says so.)

I shoot everything on my little camera and then I edit it all by myself! A lot of times I leave in my mistakes. Why? ‘Cause they’re funny, but also it’s okay to make mistakes. You just gotta keep trying until you get it right.

I want to share what I’m learning with everybody. I want them to know about things in math, science, and art. I want to give them the ideas and words that will help them get ready for school! I want them to learn how to make a schedule and stick to it, and eat right to keep yourself healthy! I want them to know that it’s okay not to get something right the first time. Keep at it, just like me! It’s okay to get mad and frustrated or feel sad.

But, why tell you all this when you can WATCH it? Ch-ch-check me out on Milo’s World!


Episode Synopsis

101 – Learn All About Me, Milo The Monster
I tell you all about myself, from my favorite color to what animal I’d be! Here’s a hint: woof! Bark! Pant!

102 – Learn About Dinosaurs with Milo The Monster
I tell you some super amazing dinosaur facts that I learned in class!

103 – Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Milo The Monster
I show you the Valentine's Day cards and poems I wrote (sort of!) in monster school for Valentine's Day!

104 – Learn About Jobs And Occupations with Milo The Monster
I tell you about the jobs of some monsters who came to class today: a construction worker, a doctor, and a musician. Which do I want to be when I grow up in a bazillion years? Watch and find out!

105 – Learn About Transportation with Milo The Monster
I recreate a story about a troll who travels around the world using all different kinds of transportation.

106 – Learn Colors with Milo The Monster
I show you a painting of my favorite superhero, Captain Monsterica, and point out all the colors I used to make it!

107 – Learn About The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly with Milo The Monster
I show you the stages of butterfly's life cycle. Oooooh. Fly, butterfly, fly!

108 – Learn About Weather with Milo The Monster
I tell you about all kinds of weather, like rain, snow…and tornadoes! Whoosh!

109 – Celebrate Mother’s Day with Milo The Monster
I show you an acrostic poem I wrote for my momster. I need your help finishing it and making sure I’ve got her name right... is my mom's name actually Beyonce?

110 – Learn About Fruits And Vegetables with Milo The Monster
I tell you about how I got to eat a rainbow -- not an actual rainbow, but fruits and vegetables that are the colors of the rainbow!

111 – Learn About Gardening with Milo The Monster
I show you how seeds grow into plants…and how to make a garden at home!

112 – Celebrate Father’s Day with Milo the Monster
I show you a story I wrote - and drew - for my dad on Father's Day!

113 – Celebrating The Last Day Of School with Milo the Monster
I show you how my class planned an awesome party for the last day of school by creating a schedule of things to do every day!

114 – Having A Yard Sale with Milo The Monster
My family is having a yard sale and I’m in charge of sorting things into groups…but, there are so many different ways to sort! How can I find the best way to do it in time for the yard sale?

115 – Learn About Idioms with Milo The Monster
I talk about all types of idioms, expressions that don't exactly mean what they say. Making this show was bananas!

116 – Learn About Good Manners with Milo The Monster
I learned good manners during a fancy meal at school today, and now, I’m showing them to you, so you know good manners when you go to a fancy dinner, or just one at your regular family dinner table.

117 – Learn About Musical Instruments with Milo The Monster
Watch me practice the xylophone for tomorrow's big school concert.

118 – Learn To Trick Or Treat with Milo The Monster
My class made spooky crafts for our Halloween party! I show you how to make them, and help you practice saying, "Trick Or Treat!"

119 – Learn About Family with Milo The Monster
I have so many friends in my class and everyone has different kinds of families. But you know what? They’re also the same in a lot of ways.

120 – Learn About the Parts Of The Body with Milo The Monster
Today I didn't actually go to school - instead, I went to the doctor for a check-up because I’m sick! I feel yucky…but, I learned a lot at the doctor’s office! It wasn’t scary at all!

121 – Learn About Patterns with Milo The Monster
I show you how to make patterns. Then I play a guessing game with you… guess what comes next!

122 – Learn About Giving with Milo The Monster
I’m in the Christmas spirit in this show, getting together old toys, books, and clothes to donate to other monsters - but, not before I play with everything one last time!

123 – Learn About The Seasons with Milo The Monster
I show you how I got dressed for school in the morning…and ended up freezing because I didn't pay attention to what season it is! Silly me!

124 – Learn Healthy Habits with Milo The Monster
Lucky me! I get to take care of my class's stuffed animal for the night!

125 – Celebrating The 100th Day Of School with Milo The Monster
I show you how I celebrated 100 days of monster school with 100 things!

126 – Learn About Force And Motion with Milo The Monster
Watch me race cars down ramps of different inclines to see how fast they can go. Vrooom! Zoom! Weeee!

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