Sounds Like a Revolution

Director Summer Preney
Genre Documentary
Runtime 76 minutes
Supplier Deltatime Productions
Festivals/Awards Best Documentary Award - Raindance Film Festival 2010
Release Date In theatres on June 25, 2010
DVD/Blu-ray available on July 3, 2012


Sounds Like a Revolution is a pro-active and energizing documentary about a new generation of activist musicians who are living proof that music is an important and powerful tool in the ongoing struggle for social change. From the Dixie Chicks to Michael Franti to the punk band Anti-Flag, artists across the musical spectrum recount their motivations and struggles in a post-9/11 environment where dissent was silenced and censorship was commonplace. With themes that explore the role of artists in society, freedom of expression and democratic participation Sounds Like a Revolution presents a unique historical perspective behind the new wave of protest music sweeping America and offers new hope for the future.

Best Documentary Award - Raindance Film Festival 2010

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Cast & Credits

Jello Biafra
David Crosby
Ani Difranco
Steve Earle
Henry Rollins
... and more

Press & Articles

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Sounds Like a Revolution

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Sept.16, 2012 Cambridge, ON Grand River Film Festival

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