Director Julian T. Pinder
Genre Documentary
Runtime 76 minutes
Supplier Six Island Productions
Festivals/Awards Hot Docs Festival Official Selection 2010
Release Date In theatres on June 10, 2010
DVD/Blu-ray available on July 5, 2011


2006. Nicaragua is the new land of opportunity. Newspapers and magazines hail it as "The New Cancun" and "The Next Florida." Fred, Sean and Keith, three naive Americans wide-eyed at the prospect of finally making it big, set up shop and start constructing resorts for your next discount tropical vacation. But what these inexperienced developers don't know is that the seemingly inexhaustible cheap manual labour is about to run out. The natives are restless and starting to see through this new form of imperialism. Keith in particular is targeted in a violent kidnapping. Known to the locals as "Grief," Keith apparently stole the town's one and only baseball diamond to build a parking lot for his resort. So when former revolutionary leader Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas sweep back to power, legitimately or otherwise, not one of our gringos is left unscathed. Dreams of planeloads of vacationers and pool-side margaritas give way to death threats and armed assaults. In the end, Sean's words ring prophetic - it's the Wild West alright, only this time the natives are clobbering the cowboys... for now.

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