The Last Season

Director Sara Dosa
Genre Documentary
Runtime 78 minutes
Country of Origin USA
Language English
Supplier Signpost Pictures LLC
Festivals/Awards Official Selection - HOT DOCS 2014
Release Date In theatres on March 13, 2015


In search of the lucrative matsutake mushroom, two former soldiers discover the means to gradually heal their wounds of war. Roger, a self-described 'fall-down drunk' and sniper in Vietnam, and Kouy, a Cambodian refugee who fought the Khmer Rouge, bonded in the bustling tent-city known as Mushroom Camp, which pops up each autumn in the Oregon woods. Their friendship became an adoptive family; according to a Cambodian custom, if you lose your family like Kouy, you must rebuilt it anew. Now, however, this new family could be lost. Roger's health is declining and trauma flashbacks rack his mind; Kouy gently aids his family before the snow falls and the hunting season ends, signaling his time to leave.

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Press & Articles

“S.F. International Film Festival highlights” - San Francisco Chronicle

“A Season in the Forest | Berkeley anthropologist-cum-filmmaker digs deep with mushroom foragers for her directorial debut.” - The Monthly

The Last Season

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