Highway Gospel

Director Jaret Belliveau and Craig Jackson
Genre Documentary
Runtime 91 minutes
Supplier Kings Point Productions
Festivals/Awards Hot Docs Official Selection 2011
Release Date In theatres on January 1, 2013


A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man dies but once. B.C. renegades race down mountain highways on customized longboards, while a middle-aged skateboarder fights to keep his Ottawa skate park and creaky knees operational. Whether it's bombing down hills at over 100km per hour, just inches from the ground, or spending 25 years and their life savings to keep competing in the sport they love, these guys are truly devoted - and a little road rash or even open-heart surgery are simply tests for the faithful. What starts out as a gonzo skate movie turns into a surprisingly heartfelt documentary that bears witness to the power of community, dedication and the DIY spirit. With intimate and candid moments that may lead you to think this is a mockumentary, Highway Gospel is a humorous and at times heartbreaking multi-character documentary that strikes an intricate balance between rowdy and insightful while serving as a reminder that heartfelt stories can also be hilarious.

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Highway Gospel

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