Director Beeban Kidron
Genre Documentary
Runtime 90 minutes
Supplier Dogwoof
Festivals/Awards Official Selection - TIFF 2013
Release Date In theatres on December 6, 2013


InRealLife asks what exactly is the internet and what is it doing to our children? Taking us on a journey from the bedrooms of British teenagers to the world of Silicon Valley, filmmaker Beeban Kidron suggests that rather than the promise of free and open connectivity, young people are increasingly ensnared in a commercial world. Beguiling and glittering on the outside, it can be alienating and addictive. Quietly building its case, InRealLife asks if we can afford to stand by while our children, trapped in their 24/7 connectivity, are being outsourced to the net?

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Press & Articles

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“InRealLife exposes how the Internet has rewired our culture ” - The Globe And Mail

“Is this InRealLife? Beeban Kidron sees the ubiquity of the Internet ‘as our rock n’ roll moment’” - The National Post


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In Theatres Now

Apr.11, 2015 Toronto, ON Spur Festival

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