I Will Be Murdered

Director Justin Webster
Genre Documentary
Runtime 86 minutes
Country of Origin Denmark/UK/Spain/Guatemala
Language Spanish, English
Supplier Java Films
Festivals/Awards Official Selection - HOT DOCS 2013
Release Date In theatres on April 4, 2014


In May 2009, Rodrigo Rosenberg, a wealthy, charismatic lawyer went cycling near his home in Guatemala City and was murdered. Nothing unusual there: Guatemala has a murder rate four times higher than Mexico's, worse in fact than Iraq's for civilians during the war. What was extraordinary is that Rosenberg knew, for certain, he was about to be killed.

Rosenberg's lover had been murdered a few weeks before. He was driven to investigate things, he told his friends, that would inevitably lead to his death. A video he recorded days before he died accused the president of his murder. Uploaded to YouTube, it nearly brought down the government.

There began a brilliant investigation, a journey into Rosenberg's soul and Guatemala's hell, that after multiple twists and turns, reached a stunning conclusion...

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I Will Be Murdered

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