Three Blind Mice

Director Matthew Newton
Genre Drama
Runtime 94 minutes
Supplier Odin's Eye Entertainment
Festivals/Awards Toronto International Film Festival Official Selection 2008
Release Date In theatres on October 9, 2009
DVD/Blu-ray available on June 8, 2010


Three young Navy officers hit Sydney for one last night on land before being shipped over to the Gulf to fight. Sam has been mistreated at sea and is going AWOL, Dean has a fiance and the future in-laws to meet, and Harry just loves playing cards. Throughout the night the boys lose each other, find themselves, and along the way discover courage, friendship and redemption.

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Cast & Credits

Dean Leiberman Toby Schmitz
Harry McCabe Matthew Newton
Sam Fisher Ewen Leslie
Emma Gracie Otto

Press & Articles

“'Three Blind Mice' on the run Navy man goes AWOL as his pals try to bring him back in edgy, smart film” - Sun Media

“Three Blind Mice: Buddies' shore leave charts dangerous ground” - The Toronto Star

“'Three Blind Mice': Three cheers” - NOW Magazine

“'I made a film that I want people to argue about'” - The Guardian

“'Three Blind Mice' Review” - Sydney Morning Herald

“'Three Blind Mice' Review” - In Film Australia

Three Blind Mice

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