No Heart Feelings

Director Sarah Lazarovic, Geoff Morrison and Ryan J. Noth
Genre Drama
Runtime 82 minutes
Supplier Film Can
Release Date In theatres on August 27, 2010


29 year-old Melanie (Rebecca Kohler) is in love with her life in Toronto, but out of love with her long-distance boyfriend (Jonathan Goldstein). Her breakup throws her easy life into mild existential crisis, but the arrival of a new boy on the scene, Lewis (Dustin Parkes), diverts her attention and helps her rediscover the joys of a lazy summer in the city. Acting as unofficial tour guide, Mel introduces him to her neighbourhood. Together they buy Lewis a bike from a crotchety yard salesman (Ron Sexsmith), and embark on a two-wheeled urban adventure. But is Mel ready to switch gears? Unsure of her true heart feelings, she and her gang of young, witty friends, take in the season's last gasps.

Working collaboratively over the course of a year, co-directors Sarah Lazarovic, Geoff Morrison, and Ryan J. Noth created a largely improvised film, using non-actors and shooting with a tiny crew and budget. Using an intimate and immediate aesthetic, they created an honest and funny portrait of a generation resisting commitment.

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Cast & Credits

Melanie Rebecca Kohler
Lewis Dustin Parkes

Press & Articles

“Nothing much happens, but 'No Heart Feelings' is a quiet triumph” - The Globe and Mail

“'No Heart Feelings': Modern love” - The Toronto Star

“'No Heart Feelings': Local Loves” - NOW Magazine

“Finally, a film about what it's like to be 29 and living near Dundas West” - BlogTO

“Ron Sexsmith: Turns out he’s happy, kinda, after all” - National Post

No Heart Feelings

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