A Film Unfinished

Director Yael Hersonski
Genre Documentary
Runtime 88 minutes
Country of Origin Germany, Israel
Language German, Hebrew, Yiddish, Polish, English
Supplier Oscilloscope Pictures
Festivals/Awards Best International Feature Award - Hot Docs Film Festival 2010
Release Date In theatres on September 23, 2010
DVD/Blu-ray available on March 8, 2011


At the end of WWII, 60 minutes of raw film, having sat undisturbed in an East German archive, was discovered. Shot by Nazis in Warsaw in May 1942, and labelled simply "Ghetto," this footage quickly became a resource for historians seeking an authentic record of the Warsaw Ghetto. However, the later discovery of a long-missing reel complicated earlier readings of the footage. A Film Unfinished presents the raw footage in its entirety, carefully noting fictionalized sequences (including a staged dinner party) falsely showing "the good life" enjoyed by Jewish urbanites, and probes deep into the making of a now-infamous Nazi propaganda film.

Best International Feature Award - Hot Docs Film Festival 2010

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A Film Unfinished

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