The Vanishing Spring Light

Director Xun Yu
Genre Documentary
Runtime 112 minutes
Supplier EyeSteelFilms
Festivals/Awards Jury Special Documentary Mention - Whistler Film Festival 2011
Release Date In theatres on April 6, 2012


The documentary, The Vanishing Spring Light, follows the last days in the life of Grandma Jiang, living in the West Street of the World Cultural Heritage Site of Dujiangyan (southwest China). For centuries, West Street has housed generations who have lived the most authentic Chinese way of life. However, their traditions and values have been challenged and lost due to the modernization of China. The Vanishing Spring Light documents the last two years in the life of Grandma Jiang and her family, before they were removed, converting the neighborhood in a touristic site. Filmmaker "Fish" Xun Yu spend more than two years living and documenting the family of Grandma Jiang. During that time she suffered a stroke after an accidental fall. As her health deteriorates, conflicts within the family begin to emerge. While Grandma Jiang is consumed by her illness, the family struggles to avoid collapse.

Jury Special Documentary Mention - Whistler Film Festival 2011

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The Vanishing Spring Light

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