Winnebago Man

Director Ben Steinbauer
Genre Documentary
Runtime 85 minutes
Supplier Do Me A Kindness, LLC
Festivals/Awards Top Ten Audience Favourite - Hot Docs Festival 2009
Release Date In theatres on September 10, 2010
DVD/Blu-ray available on November 9, 2010


Winnebago Man reveals the story of Jack Rebney, an unlikely folk hero whose out­rageously funny out­bursts were caught on tape during the making of a Winnebago sales video in 1988. The outtakes reel mys­ter­i­ously cir­cu­lated on dubbed VHS tapes for years before turning into a full-blown Internet phe­nomenon on YouTube in 2005. Today, the "Winnebago Man" has been seen by more than 20 million people world­wide and is regarded as one of the first and funniest viral videos.

Filmmaker Ben Steinbauer sets out on the seem­ingly impossible task of tracking down Rebney, who has been living a hermit-like exist­ence on a mountain top, and until recently, had no idea that the outtakes even existed. Rebney turns out to be more intel­li­gent, sharp-tongued and cha­ris­matic than anyone could have imagined - in short, he's a star. Winnebago Man is a smart, funny and unex­pec­tedly poignant tale of one man's response to unin­tended celebrity.

Top Ten Audience Favourite - Hot Docs Festival 2009

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Winnebago Man

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