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“'Circo': one of the greatest shows on a real bare-bones circus family” - The Seattle Times

“Critics' Pick: 'Circo'; Big Top as Family Business” - The New York Times

“'Circo' Review” - Los Angeles Times

“Respecting the Big-Top Grind in Circo” - The Village Voice

“'Circo' Review” - Slant Magazine

“Mexican doc 'Circo' moving” - Sun Media

“''Circo': The hard life under a Mexican big top ” - The Globe and Mail

“Circo: All in the circus family ****” - The Toronto Star

“'Circo' Review” - LA Weekly

“'Circo': The Trials of an Itinerant Mexican Circus ” - Huffington Post

“‘Circo’ a vivid look at a circus family's life” - The San Francisco Examiner

“'Circo': Gran Circo Mexico” - The Boston Phoenix

“Intimate story of Mexican circus people rings true” - San Francisco Chronicle

“'Circo' Family Circus: NNNN” - NOW Magazine

“The greatest show in rural Mexico: ‘Circo’ follows a long-running circus family” - The Boston Globe

“'Circo' Review” - Film Threat

“'Circo' Review” - The Hollywood Reporter

“Director Aaron Schock Delves Deep Into the Heart of Mexico in 'Circo'” - Indiewire

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