Shadow World

Director Johan Grimonprez
Genre Documentary
Runtime 94 minutes
Country of Origin Beligum, Denmark
Language English, Spanish, Arabic
Supplier Wide House
Festivals/Awards Winner - Best Documentary Feature Film, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016
Release Date In theatres on November 4, 2016


Directed by Johan Grimonprez and based on Andrew Feinstein's globally acclaimed book The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, the film SHADOW WORLD reveals how the international trade in weapons - with the complicity of governments and intelligence agencies, investigative and prosecutorial bodies, weapons manufacturers, dealers and agents - fosters corruption, determines economic and foreign policies, undermines democracy and creates widespread suffering. SHADOW WORLD posits an alternative through the experience of a peace activist and war correspondent, as well as the stories of Eduardo Galeano. But ultimately the film reveals the real costs of war, the way the arms trade drives it, how the weapons of war are now being turned against the citizens of liberal democracies, and how the ‘shadow world' is taking over. In the hopes that in understanding how our realties are being constructed, audiences may see through this horror, and create a better future.

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Shadow World

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