National Bird

Director Sonia Kennebeck
Genre Documentary
Runtime 92 minutes
Country of Origin USA
Language English, Dari
Supplier FilmRise
Festivals/Awards Official Selection - TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL 2016
Release Date In theatres on November 11, 2016


National Bird follows the dramatic journey of three whistleblowers who are determined to break the silence around one of the most controversial current affairs issues of our time: the secret U.S. drone war. At the center of the film are three U.S. military veterans. Plagued by guilt over participating in the killing of faceless people in foreign countries, they decide to speak out publicly, despite the possible consequences.

Their stories take dramatic turns, leading one of the protagonists to Afghanistan where she learns about a horrendous incident. But her journey also gives hope for peace and redemption. National Bird gives rare insight into the U.S. drone program through the eyes of veterans and survivors, connecting their stories as never seen before in a documentary. Its images haunt the audience and bring a faraway issue close to home.

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Press & Articles

“National Bird review – chilling film reveals truths about drones” - The Guardian

National Bird

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