Ghost Rockets

Director Michael Cavanagh, Kerstin Übelacker
Genre Documentary
Runtime 70 minutes
Country of Origin Sweden
Language Swedish
Supplier We Have A Plan AB
Festivals/Awards Nominated - Nordic Dox Award, CPH:DOX 2015
Release Date In theatres on June 24, 2016


It is all right to both laugh and shed a tear when watching this delightful film about a group of ageing Swedish UFO enthusiasts who gather in a common dream to answer the biggest questions - and to unravel the mystery of the mysterious ghost rockets. Unidentified, flying objects, which have kept the club's otherwise somewhat introverted chairman awake at night since the Cold War started. But now he's had it! With the backing of the entire club, a complicated mission is embarked on, which will - maybe - shed light on the mystery. But it is not just about life in outer space. It is also about life on earth, and about sharing the puzzles of existence with each other. Or as one of the club's members spontaneously and enthusiastically exclaims to a friend during the annual general meeting at a summer camp: 'I want to know everything!' There is also renewed enthusiasm thanks to the club having three new, younger members. For even if the ghost rockets are lurking in the marshes and the quixotic project is not without its challenges, there is nothing like solidarity and community when one is nothing but a tiny dot in the universe.

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Ghost Rockets

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