Dragon Girls

Director Inigo Westmeier
Genre Documentary
Runtime 90 minutes
Supplier Attraction International Distribution Inc.
Festivals/Awards WINNER - Best International Feature Documentary, HOT DOCS 2013
Release Date In theatres on July 19, 2013


DRAGON GIRLS tells the story of three girls at the martial arts school Shaolin Tagou in the Henan province in Central China. With 26.000 students it is the biggest Kung Fu School in China. It is located right next to the Shaolin Temple, the temple where Kung Fu was born.

About 1000 kilometres from their parents, Xin Chenxi (9) and Chen Xi (15) battle their every day life of discipline, rules and daily gruelling training in midst of the mass of the other girls and boys. But Kung Fu is also their chance. They know what the hard training is about: They want to be part of China's Kung Fu elite, one day. The better they master their fighting techniques, the bigger their chance to rise from the poor life to one worth living for.

Huang Luolan (17) couldn't bare the drill of the school. She fled back to Shanghai.
In comparison to children in Germany the girls in the Kung Fu School lead an extremely hard, performance-orientated life. But deep inside they have the same dreams as any other child in the world. And no one can take those away.

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Press & Articles

“Dragon Girls: A systematic look at a Kung Fu school that moulds young bodies and minds into Chinese citizens. ” - The Torontoist

Dragon Girls

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In Theatres Now

Dec.8, 2013 Sudbury, ON BAM North

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