Brother Number One

Director Annie Goldson, Peter Gilbert
Genre Documentary
Runtime 98 minutes
Country of Origin New Zealand
Language English, Khmer
Supplier Cargo Releasing
Festivals/Awards WINNER - Best Director, Documentary, New Zealand Film & Television Awards 2011
Release Date In theatres on April 5, 2014


Olympian and Trans-Atlantic rowing champion New Zealander Rob Hamill travels to Cambodia to appear before a War Crimes Tribunal seeking justice for his eldest brother Kerry who, along with two sailing mates, was murdered by the Khmer Rouge in 1978.

Through following Rob Hamill's personal journey, Brother Number One explores one of the "forgotten" genocides of the 20th century, examining how and why nearly 2 million Cambodians could be killed by a ultra-Maoist regime known as the Khmer Rouge.Through Olympian Rob Hamill's personal story, Brother Number One explores how and why nearly 2 million Cambodians were killed by a fanatical left-wing regime known as the Khmer Rouge.

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Brother Number One

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