Director Najeeb Mirza
Genre Documentary
Runtime 82 minutes
Country of Origin Canada
Language Tajik, Uzbek, Russian
Supplier Buzkashi Productions Inc.
Release Date In theatres on December 7, 2012


Buzkashi! is a story of three fascinating characters who are at the top of their sport of Buzkashi in Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic nestled in the Pamir mountains. Donning their protective equipment - including tank helmets from previous wars - they steer their horses to join the hundreds of others playing on the plateaus of this mountainous country. The rivalries, alliances politics and intrigues surrounding the sport put ancient values of honor and integrity head-to-head with ego-driven hunger for power and wealth.

The film uses the sport as an underlying structure to enter into the personal lives of these weekend warriors in a distant part of the world, and through it the players who on the surface may initially appear foreign, quickly begin to feel surprisingly familiar.

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