Director Chaz Thorne
Genre Comedy
Runtime 90 minutes
Supplier Whirligig Productions Inc.
Festivals/Awards Best Screenplay - Atlantic Film Festival 2010
Release Date In theatres on May 6, 2011


When Nicholas Sinclair flees from his latest personal disaster to take refuge in his parent's home, it looks like yet another train wreck for a 25 year-old who's never known anything but failure. But it won't be a soft landing. Viv and Al Sinclair have worked hard to buy their retirement home by the sea and they'll be damned if their fast-talking, freeloading son is going to ruin it for them. Viv resolves to get Nicholas out of the house and back on his feet, even if it destroys him. Then there's Nina, the sexy, mysterious older married woman across the bay. Sensing Nicholas' desperate need for validation - and angry at her husband for his past indiscretions - Nina seduces Nicholas. She thinks it's just about the sex but Nicholas believes otherwise. More deluded that ever, he convinces himself that his life's destiny is now clear: Win this magnificent woman's love or die trying. Which brings us to André. A cultured and charming man, Nina's theatre director husband senses Nicholas' confusion and wants to help him - that is until he realizes who his wife is sleeping with. Finally, there's Quang. Nina has forbidden their precious, adopted 12-year old son to socialize with Nicholas. Too bad. By befriending Quang, Nicholas plans to learn all of Nina's secrets, thereby finding the key to her heart. Soon enough, he'll learn far more about Nina than he ever wanted to know. Then Nina will find out about his relationship with Quang and Quang will discover his affair with Nina. Once again, it's train wreck time.

Whirligig is a fresh and quirky comedy about a young man whose reckless lies lead him all the way to the liberating truth.

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Cast & Credits

Nina Fiona Highet
Andre R.H. Thomson
Al Brian Downey
Viv Jennifer Overton
Nicholas Gregory Smith

Press & Articles

“'Whirligig' charms: Chaz Thorne's film about coming home to Nova Scotia” - The Coast

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