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“Critics' Pick: 'My Perestroikia': Through the Looking Glass of History” - The New York Times

“From Russia With Love and Fear ” - The Wall Street Journal

“Hessman's first feature is an engaging picture of five thirtysomething Moscow residents who came of age during the final years of the Soviet Union” - The Hollywood Reporter

“Witnesses to the fall of the Soviet Union” - The Boston Globe

“Critic's Pick: 'My Perestroika': Russian life is still a bear” - The Washington Post

“'Perestroika' looks at Soviet Russia ” - Sun Media

“Untying the Personal-Political Knot in 'My Perestroika'” - The Village Voice

“'My Perestroika': Looking back, at the USSR” - The Globe and Mail

“'My Perestroika': Generation nyet” - The Toronto Star

“'My Perestroikia' Review” - Huffington Post

“Documentary filmmaker Robin Hessman explores the lives of Russians who came of age as the USSR crumbled” - Los Angeles Times

“Muscovite Lives, Entangled in History” - The New York Times

“'My Perestroikia' Review” -

“The Twenty Very Best Movies at Sundance 2010” - New York Magazine

“'My Perestroikia' Review” - The Nation

“'My Perestroika': Witness to new Russia” - San Francisco Chronicle

“As the USSR collapses, ‘My Perestroika’ follows its upheaval on five Russian children coming of age” - The Christian Science Monitor

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