The Unknown Woman

Director Giuseppe Tornatore
Genre Drama
Runtime 118 minutes
Supplier Outsider Pictures
Festivals/Awards Academy Award® Nominee - Best Foreign Language Film 2007
Release Date In theatres on May 9, 2008


Cinema Paradiso director Giuseppe Tornatore returns to the helm for this suspenseful thriller concerning a young Ukrainian prostitute-turned-cleaning woman named Irina (Kseniya Rappoport). Years ago, Irina was drawn into an international prostitution ring before being brutalized by a man named Mold (Michele Placido) who also killed her boyfriend. Flash-forward to the present, and Irina is a humble cleaning woman in a building owned by jewelers. Though her appearance would suggest poverty, Irina always has a sizable wad of cash in her pocket and lives in a large apartment across the street from the loudly dysfunctional Adacher family. Gradually, the mousy cleaning woman works her way into the family home, befriending the parents (Claudia Gerini and Pierfrancesco Favino) and becoming a trusted confidante to their daughter Thea (Clara Dossena). As her relationship with the family deepens, her motivations for getting so close become frighteningly clear.

Academy Award® Nominee - Best Foreign Language Film 2007

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Cast & Credits

Irena Kseniya Rappoport
Mold Michele Placido
Valeria Adacher Claudia Gerini
Gina Piera Degli Esposti
Matteo Alessandro Haber

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