Director Shane Belcourt
Genre Drama
Runtime 105 minutes
Supplier The Breath Films
Festivals/Awards Best Director Award - Dreamspeakers Film Festival 2008
Release Date In theatres on August 8, 2008
DVD/Blu-ray available on May 11, 2010


Tkaronto is a provocative exploration of two Aboriginal thirty-something's caught in the urban crossroads.

Ray (Duane Murray) and Jolene (Melanie McLaren) discover an unexpected connection when their paths' cross in Tkaronto (the original Mohawk word for "Toronto"). Ray, a Métis writer, has come to Toronto to pitch his TV series, Indian Jones, which is promising to be the big break Ray needs, especially with a pregnant girlfriend back home. Jolene, a Los Angeles-based Anishnabe painter, is passing through Toronto to conduct an interview with a prominent Elder Max (played by Corner Gas's Lorne Cardinal) and is suddenly taken aback when Max presents her with an eagle feather, an honour that she feels unworthy of. As Ray faces his ambivalence about impending fatherhood and the prospect of selling his material to ignorant TV Execs, Jolene grapples with self-doubt and struggles to finish her interviews with Max. An attraction between them develops as both are drawn together by a mutual search for meaning in their urban existence.

For Jolene and Ray home feels very far away. But through their chance meeting they reveal their hopes, dreams, fears and failures and realize their common struggle: to stake claim to their urban aboriginal identity.

Best Director Award - Dreamspeakers Film Festival 2008

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Cast & Credits

Ray Morrin Duane Murray Jolene Peltier Melanie McLaren Max Cardinal Lorne Cardinal

Press & Articles

“Tales of loss that find a purpose” - The Globe and Mail

“Two lost souls touch in 'Tkaronto' ” - Sun Media

“Métis mishmash: 'Tkaronto' explores cultural, personal identity loss” - Ottawa Citizen

“'Tkaronto' Shane shines” - NOW Magazine


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