The Tiger's Tail

Director John Boorman
Genre Drama
Runtime 107 minutes
Supplier Outsider Pictures
Festivals/Awards San Sebastián International Film Festival Official Selection 2006
Release Date In theatres on June 13, 2008


The Tiger's Tale is a black comedy thriller about a successful businessman in contemporary boom-time, 'Celtic Tiger' Ireland, whose life begins to unravel when he encounters his doppelganger.

The film tells the story of Liam O'Leary an Irish property developer of humble origins who has made it big and fast on the back of the Celtic Tiger. His hubris has led him into a scheme to build a national stadium but a rival developer has connived to thwart his plans. Wildly over-extended, Liam finds himself struggling in a receding market. Stressed and over-stretched, he seems on the verge of a mental breakdown, to his horror, he sees his double.

Is this a harbinger of his death? His neglected wife, Jane is distressed by his erratic behaviour and treats his claim to have seen his Double as a hallucination. He confronts his Double and discovers a shocking truth that makes him ask the question "Who Am I?"


Cast & Credits

Liam O'Leary Brendan Gleeson
Jane O'Leary Kim Cattrall
Father Andy Ciarán Hinds
Oona O'Leary Sinéad Cusack

Press & Articles

“'Tiger's Tail' pulls rabbit out of hat ” - Sun Media

The Tiger's Tail

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