Shall We Kiss

Director Emmanuel Mouret
Genre Drama
Runtime 96 minutes
Supplier MusicBox Films
Festivals/Awards Rotterdam International Film Festival Official Selection 2008
Release Date In theatres on April 10, 2009


The movie begins in Nantes, where a chance encounter between a Parisian fabric designer (Julie Gayet) and a local art restorer (Michaël Cohen) leads to dinner, drinks and nearly to the titular meeting of the lips. But wait, the woman says - first, she must tell a cautionary tale about how a similarly innocent smooch created seismic shifts in the relationships of two other couples. That story then plays out in flashback, with the hangdog Mouret perfectly self-cast as a lovelorn schoolteacher who falls for his best female friend (Virginie Ledoyen), no matter that she's happily married and he's dating a beautiful stewardess (played by ebulliently ditsy Frédérique Bel). I'll say no more about how it all ends up, except that Mouret marries Rohmer's visual lucidity and love of smart dialogue to the sort of screwball-comedy antics that wouldn't have seemed out of place in the films of Lubitsch or Hawks, and he does it all with a beguiling lightness of touch.

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Cast & Credits

Judith Virginie Ledoyen
Nicolas Emmanuel Mouret
Émilie Julie Gayet
Gabriel Michaël Cohen
Claudio Stefano Accorsi
Câline Frédérique Bel

Press & Articles

“'Shall We Kiss?' a romantic surprise” - San Francisco Chronicle

“An examination of desire tempered by decorum” - The Boston Globe

“'Shall We Kiss' Review” - The Philadelphia Inquirer

“'Shall We Kiss' -- 4 out of 5 stars” - Orlando Sentinel

Shall We Kiss

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